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Bring nature and colours in with recycled chairs from NCP Furniture

Our story begins with a visit to a local fish farm. With all their outworn ropes, nets and tubes from the fish farming industry we started a project to see if these resources could be used again. The mission was to make a more sustainable furniture.

After a lot of time and experimentation with this granule materials, Snøhetta designed our fabulous chair S-1500, a re-design of Bent Winge's popular R-48 chair. We took home this material to our factory where we melt and mold it in our machine, with very high pressure. When molding the granule, we do not get a clean pure colour. It will have som shades from all our different materials that once have been under water securing the cages used for fish farming. With inspiration from the ocean we have created 8 beautiful new and different colours.

The texture in our chairs brings you to the ocean, to the green coloured seaweed, a red crab, all under a beautiful "ocean"blue surface. Our ocean colour palette is quite special this way. It brings you out, even when you're inside enjoying a cozy dinner with friends and family. This great piece of furniture is also a good start for a conversation over how we can take care of our nature, and planet. How we can recycle and bring new life to worn out things that can be used for ages. 

When you see a chair from NCP furniture, we want you to think about our nature and our planet. How we can tribute to make this world a little better chair, by cahir. We also want you to see the connection between nature and utility. What endless possibilities we have with this material that plastic is, if its accounted for correctly. If its been taken care of and recycled you have something that could last a lifetime, or more, just in a different form and maybe in a different place. 


Green seating for a green planet.