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Terms of sale

The terms of sale apply to all sales of goods through to consumers. You as a consumer must confirm that you are familiar with our terms of sale to be able to shop at


The terms of sale together with your order, confirmed through an order confirmation, constitute the overall contractual basis for the purchase.

To be able to shop with a card/credit at, you must be 18 years of age, or older.

Consumer purchases are regulated in the Norwegian Consumer Purchases Act, the Right of Withdrawal Act, the Personal Data Act and the Credit Purchase Act. Where these terms of sale require writing, this is fulfilled by using e-mail, text message to mobile phone (SMS), letter, fax, etc.

  1. Parties

The seller is: NCP Furniture AS, with visiting and postal address Juvikvegen 1, 8640 Hemnesberget, NORWAY.  Registered in the Brønnøysundregister ( with : NO 928 989 283, phone: 75977000 email: and is hereinafter referred to as “we” or “us”.  The buyer is: the person who is stated as the buyer in the order, and is hereinafter referred to as “you”, “your” or “yours”.

  1. Ordering and agreement process

Your order is binding when the order is registered by us. We are bound by your order if this does not deviate from what is offered by us in our online store, our marketing or in any other way. You still have the right to withdraw from the purchase in accordance with the Right of Withdrawal Act, see section 11 of the agreement. When we receive your order, we will confirm the order and automatically send you an order confirmation. Carefully read the order confirmation when you receive it, and check if the order confirmation is in accordance with your order. Deviations between your order and the confirmation are considered as a new offer from us, which you can accept or decline. You still have the right to claim your original order if this is in accordance with what we have offered. Exceptions may occur, see section 4.

  1. Information provided in our Online web shop

We strive to provide our customers with as accurate information about our products as possible. However, we reserve the right that image/writing/printing errors can occur, which may mean that we don’t deliver in accordance with information provided in our online store, our marketing or in any other way.    

Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel your order or part of it, if the product is sold out. In the event of a sold-out situation, you will be notified of this, possibly together with information about what we can offer instead. You will have the opportunity to accept our new offer with the changes we specify in relation to you order or cancel the order.

  1. Prices

For purchases made in Norway, all prices include VAT. For all purchases outside Norway, prices are exclusive of VAT. The total cost of the purchase will appear before ordering and include all expenses associated with the purchase such as expenses for postage, shipping, packaging, environmental tax. In case of any VAT or/and customer expenses, they must be paid by you.

  1. Payment

Shop with us and pay easily with Nets. When you shop with us, you can pay as you wish. It is up to you whether you want to pay now, pay later or split the payment. You will receive an invoice when the order is sent from our warehouse. If you use card payment, the card will be charged upon payment. 

If payment reservations cannot be made, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. You will receive information about any such cancellation.


  1. Delivery and delay

We deliver goods to Norway, EU/Europe and USA. Delivery of the products takes place in the manner, at the place and the time stated on the order confirmation. We have the risk for the products until they are taken over by you, i.e. when you have received the products in your possession.

If the delivery of the products is delayed, we will provide you with information as soon as we know about it, together with information about, and possibly when, delivery can take place, or if the product(s) are sold out. Orders cannot be split and must be sent complete when the item(s) have arrived in stock. Exceptions to this are: if the order consists of several different products, and one or more of these cannot be delivered within the maximum time frame of thirty days, we reserve the right to delete the product on the original order, and instead create a new order in our system on the current product(s). This order will then be sent with an ordinary invoice that accompanies the item. The amount charged to your card for the original order will of course be adjusted accordingly.

  1. Examination of the product

After you have received the order, you are responsible for examining the products and reporting any errors / defects within 24 hours from the day you received the package. You must then check whether the delivery is in accordance with the order confirmation, whether the products have been damaged during transport, or if the products are otherwise defective.


  1. Your rights in the event of errors and omissions (Complaint)  

If the products have faults or defects, you can, depending on the circumstances, demand correction of the defect, re-delivery, price reduction, compensation or that the purchase is canceled. The defect must be present when you get the products in your possession. Notification of defects in the products must be sent to us in writing within 24 hours after you received the products, see section 7.

  1. Warranty

Our guarantees do not imply any restrictions in the complaint deadline for goods under the Norwegian Consumer Purchase Act. The Complaint deadline is two years after you received the item.

  1. Right of withdrawal

The Norwegian Right of withdrawal Act gives you the right to cancel you purchase. The right of withdrawal applies to all stock items. The right of withdrawal does not apply to ordered goods. The right of withdrawal presupposes that you notify us of this no later than 14 days after you received the delivery (withdrawal period). If you have not received a right of withdrawal form wither in the order confirmation or upon delivery of the products, this deadline is extended to three months. In order for the right of withdrawal to be enforced, the product must have been delivered to us in the same quantity and condition as you received it. All products must be returned to us as soon as possible. Any return shipment must be paid for by you. The byer is responsible for the return of the item, and that it is packed in proper packaging.  We are obliged to refund to you the amount on your invoice.  

Refund must take place within fourteen days after we receive the product from you or pick-up note or the product is made available for us. The product is sent back to us including original packaging together with a completed right of withdrawal form.

Further information on how to exercise the right of withdrawal can be found in the right of withdrawal form.

  1. Perc

We basically only process personal information that you provide to us, and which is necessary for us to be able to carry out our obligations to you. In cases where we also process personal data for other purposes, for example to send you information about offers etc., this is only done when you have consented to it. Before you consent, you must be informed of what the information is to be used for and by whom.

Your personal information will only be disclosed to others when:

-You have consented to the extradition, or

-when it is necessary for us to implement the agreement with you, or

-in statutory case.

If you have questions about personal information related to you, or want to make use of your rights to correction, blocking, deletion, etc. according to the Personal Data Act, you can contact us via:


     12. Disputes

Any disegreement between the parties shall be resolved through negotiations. If such negotiations do not succeed, the dispute shall be resolved by arbitrarion on accordance with Chapter 32 of the Dispute REsolution Act. The members of the arbitral tribunal are appointed by the Rana district court.