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From plastic waste to design chairs

Recycled ropes and nets can become design chairs!

Plastic waste from the aquaculture industy locally on Helgeland in Northern Norway gets cleaned, ganuladed and recast to become brand new design furniture. The jorney from the ocean to production is not long. Because of the local travel the chair Public leaves 40% less CO2 than the same chair made in virgin polypropylene.  In addition, and not least,  2,2 kg  plastic waste gets a new shape and potentially a longer life in a new suit. NCP furniture guarantees that our chairs are made from recycled materials from the aquaculture industry. As a proof of this, we have a Certificate of orgin in our Document archive under each chair in our online store. 

Since we work with plastic waste like ropes, nets and other plastic waste from the aquaculture industry it provides a limeted, but yet exciting color choise. A mix of the colors green, blue and yellow resulted in 8 different colors with the name "Ocean" which reflects colors and references from the sea. 

Why not decorate your dinig room or kitchen with a comfortable and nice "Public" in ocean red as in the picture? You can find the chair here!