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Public chair - made for the environment

There´s something about the feeling when you invest in a quality piece of furniture that has been built to last. At NCP Furniture we care about making sustainable furniture that can be passed down generations; just like your grandmother´s special dining room sets. By choosing our unique sustainable chairs, you make a statement of how you want the future to look like: a world where the nature is being taken good care of while you enjoy your eco-friendly design furniture with a good consciousness.  

A beautiful and eco-friendly home isn´t far off with a few statement items from our collection.  

The award winning designers Andersen & Voll have designed our Public chair. This chair isn´t only a statement item for your home; it´s a very comfortable chair that can be used in your dining room or in front of your desk. With eight ocean colours to choose from, you can pick the colour that matches your home. Public is made of 100% recycled plastic waste from fish farms from the coast of Northern Norway. This makes Public an environmental winner in the furniture segment. By eliminating the need to use new raw materials in the production, the chair has a carbon footprint that is one of the lowest in the market.  


Only 9% of the world's total plastic waste is recycled. We are therefore committed to using this material and its endless possibilities to develop new sustainable products.  NCP Furniture has more than 70 years of market experience. But still, we have an obligation to change our production to become greener and more sustainable by focusing on the life cycle of materials and products. Waste can generate numerous possibilities to develop new sustainable products. We see it as our duty and purpose to do so when designing furniture and other products, now and in the years to come. 

Green seating for a green planet.   

What statement do you want to make for the future? 




Public Ocean green
Public Green
Public Ocean green