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About us

Our office and production are located on Hemnesberget on the Helgeland coast, in northern Norway.

 In 2018, a collaboration between Snøhetta and Nordic Comfort Products led to a structural redesign of Bendt Wing's classic R-48 chair from the late sixties through the environmental chair S-1500.
Winge's R-Series chairs for schools and offices have sold more than 6 million units worldwide. The new chair - known as the environmental chair S-1500, is produced by replaced nets, ropes and pipes supplied by local fish farming companies such as Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett and Nova Sea. By eliminating the need to use new raw materials in production, the chair has a carbon footprint that is one of the lowest in the market. This is now being extended to other self-produced products in the portfolio like R-48, Public and BEAT. 

About us
From plastic waste to design chairs

Recycled ropes and nets can become design chairs!