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5 tips to bringing the scandinavian style to your home

Finding the perfect balance between comfort and style is not an easy task when decorating your home. But this task is one that the Scandinavians know how to put into practice. With the need to endure long, dark winters, Scandinavians have really mastered the art of spending time indoors. This is reflected in the clean, cosy and functional Scandinavian style that gives the home that special inviting feeling. Scandinavian design is simple and intentional – and it can really elevate your soul and warm your heart. We are located in the heart of Northern Scandinavia, and our love for the clean and functional Scandinavian style is reflected in our design. We are proud to have collaborated with the Norwegian award-winning design company, Snøhetta, on our unique S-1500 chair. This sustainable chair has received a great deal of international attention after the launch in Stockholm in 2019.

The S-1500 is made from 100% recycled plastic waste from fish farms on the Norwegian coastline. In collaboration with Snøhetta, we have really done something new and ground-breaking in sustainable furniture production.

What is the result of cleaning and protecting the ocean and combining it with unique Norwegian design?

 1. Focus on the lighting

Scandinavians have a special sensitivity towards lighting design. During the long winters with barely any daylight, the lighting plays a leading role in setting the right mood for the home. One way of bringing that cosy Scandinavian feeling to your home is therefore to combine many different light sources together. Ceiling lights, floor lamps, small table lamps and lights on the windowsills all go together to ensure that warm and inviting feeling.

If you want to add some special personality to your Scandinavian style: then add some statement lighting. This gives an extra playful touch to the design.

2. Let the outdoors in

The nature in Scandinavia is beautiful and spectacular. But it can also be harsh and challenging, and the people therefore had to learn how to work with nature to get the most out of the scarce resources. The Scandinavians' special appreciation for nature comes through the way they spend time outdoors, and in the way they design and decorate their homes.

By incorporating natural elements such as light wood, nature-inspired sculptural pieces and natural textiles, you can honour nature as a Scandinavian design principle. Indoor plants and flowers are also a popular way of bringing nature inside among the Scandinavians. Beautiful green plants add colour to your home, but it also gives the space life.

And whenever you can, use eco-friendly and sustainable materials in your home.

3. Choose quality

There´s a strong emphasis on quality over quantity in Scandinavian design. Invest in high quality, multi-purpose or practical pieces that will last for years. This however doesn´t mean sacrificing style. Ordinary items, when made well from high quality materials, can become decorative elements. Look for the design in the ordinary; shoe racks, shelves, cabinets, and organizers can all be stunning design elements while function as helpers in your home.

Scandinavian furniture, light fixtures, and other functional items should have a modern and striking look, while remaining simple and not overly ornate. Invest in high-quality pieces that can elevate the rest of your space.

4. Minimize

Cluttery is one thing you don´t associate with Scandinavian design. It emphasizes bright, light and open spaces where you have enough room to move and breathe. Find your own balance when you declutter your space – we don´t want too much, and not too little. Remove items until you feel like you have arrived at your personal balance point. Keep in mind to shop and add pieces to your rooms with thoughtfulness – every item should have its purpose.

5. Add some cosy finishing touches

At last, you must remember to sprinkle your home with some things that remind you of warmth and comfort. The Scandinavians are experts in “hygge”. This well-known word in Norwegian and Danish has no one English word or simple definition to describe it, but it´s a word for a quality of cosiness; feeling warm, comfortable, and safe. The word is used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special.

To increase the feeling of hygge in your home, add some elements like candles, pillows, a textured rug, plants – anything that makes the space feel welcoming and restful. Try to create oases of comfort, such as cosy chairs for reading and drinking tea. If you have a fireplace, make this a gathering place – then you are bound to have some quality hygge in your home.

There is not a lot of extra stuff in Scandinavian design, but what is there is warm, inviting, and comfortable. Play with finding your perfect balance between comfort and style in your home.